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Our Test HD review brings you everything that you need to know about this supplement by MuscleTech

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Test HD MuscleTech
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We came across Test HD by MuscleTech on the supplements section of Amazon, and so we wanted to find out a bit more about it.

MuscleTech are one of the biggest names in the supplement industry, so it’s hard not to take notice when they add a new product to their line.

So if you’re looking for the full lowdown on Test HD, then you’re in the right place.

The number of so-called ‘testosterone booster’ supplements on sale these days has skyrocketed recently, and that means more choice than ever when picking a product in this category.

The purpose of this Test HD review is for us to take a close look at this particular supplement from all angles as we look to determine where it stands.

We’re going to check out the Test HD ingredients formula, servings and customer reviews as we look to see how it compares to the top products in this category on the market right now.

So let’s get cracking and start taking a closer look at Test HD in a bit more detail.

What does Test HD do?

As we’ve already deduced, Test HD is a supplement made by MuscleTech which claims to help support you on your journey.

You probably already know this, but a so-called ‘testosterone booster’ is a blanket name given to supplements which are marketed as being able to help you achieve your goals. They don’t contain any actual testosterone and instead they are usually formulated from a range of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.

It’s important to realise that most of the products in this category, including the one featured on this page, have not been proven to boost testosterone levels.

They are usually simply food supplements which contain a number of plant extracts and other ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

Test HD is available to buy at various online outlets such as Amazon and bodybuilding.com.

The marketing material describes Test HD as a “hardcore” supplement that promises to elevate results quickly.

Indeed, the bottle proclaims that it will work pretty quickly.

The marketing material also claims that Test HD uses the “most powerful formula” around to help give you support.

The marketing material goes on to claim that one of the main ingredients in Test HD called Shilajit has been shown to have certain benefits.

The listing on Amazon also claims that another of the ingredients in Test HD has been shown in clinical research to have beneficial effects.

So, the Test HD marketing material isn’t light on claims about what this product can do for you.

As always, though, we’re going to ignore the marketing hype and focus on the ingredients formula and the customer reviews as we look to try and determine where this product stands in relation to the top products out there right now.

What you need to know about the ingredients

Let’s begin this part by taking a look at the actual ingredients formula of Test HD as written on the bottle.

Test HD MuscleTech ingredients

Firstly, it’s great to see that MuscleTech haven’t used a proprietary blend with this supplement, meaning that we know the exact doses of the ingredients listed.

We always advise that you stay away from products that use proprietary blends, as they are usually just a convenient way for manufacturers to get away without disclosing the true doses of the ingredients to their customers.

So, it’s great that we know exactly how much of each ingredient is used, as that makes it much easier to judge the effectiveness of the product.

Let’s now start taking a look through the actual ingredients in the Test HD formula.

• Zinc – It’s great to see Zinc in the Test HD formula. It’s an essential mineral which contributes to the maintenance of normal serum testosterone concentrations and normal fertility and reproduction.

• Shilajit Extract – This is a sticky substance that’s found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayan mountains. MuscleTech say that they’ve included Shilajit as an ingredient because it could help with certain things. We’ve come across it in a few supplements before. We’re not totally convinced by it though.

• Boron – Another mineral in the formula. We always like to see Boron used in supplements of this type, so we were pleased to find it in the formula.

• Broccoli – You’re probably already familiar with broccoli as a common vegetable, but MuscleTech say that they’ve included it in the Test HD formula because it supplies Diindolylmethane. In case you didn’t know, diindolylmethane (or DIM for short), is believed to help with certain things.

• Stinging Nettle Extract – A nice ingredient for any supplement in this category. There are some theories online that this ingredient could have some benefits. We would like to see some more research conducted though.

• Safed Musli Extract – This is a relatively uncommon ingredient. It’s a herb which is typically found in the tropical wet forests in peninsular India. However, we can’t help but feel that MuscleTech could have used a more popular ingredient here instead.

What’s missing?

The Test HD formula certainly uses some good ingredients, such as Zinc and Boron.

However, it’s also missing a number of our top rated ingredients around right now.

The main omissions are:

• D-Aspartic Acid
• Fenugeek
• Magnesium

D-Aspartic Acid is one of our favorite ingredients for a supplement in this category. It was a shame not to find it in the formula.

Fenugreek, meanwhile, is a common spice which is often found in the top products in this category.

Magnesium is also a good standalone ingredient – it’s an essential mineral which can help to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, amongst other things.

You can see our guide to our current top rated five supplements on the market at the moment by following the link shown below.

Are there any Test HD side effects?

The Test HD formula looks like a pretty safe one to us, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about any unwanted side effects.

That being said, we do always recommend that you do some of your own research into the ingredients and check yourself before trying any new supplement for the first time.

Test HD doesn’t contain any stimulants such as Caffeine, so it shouldn’t affect sleep or bring about any stimulant-related side-effects.

We do recommend speaking to your doctor before thinking about taking any new supplement for the first time.

How to take Test HD

Each bottle of Test HD contains 90 capsules, which is a 45-day supply (more than most supplements like this, which have a month’s supply).

The directions say that you should simply take one capsule, twice daily.

They advise that on workout days, you take your second capsule 30 minutes before beginning your training session.

What are customers saying?

We found that there were more than 300 Test HD reviews on Amazon at the time of writing this article.

One happy customer rated it five stars and said that this product worked “remarkably well” for them.

However, there were inevitably some negative reviews as well, with one person saying that they noticed no difference at all when using this product.

Is this the best supplement?

Test HD is a decent option, but it doesn’t quite make our list of the top five supplements around right now.

That’s because it’s missing some of our favorite ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid and Fenugreek.

Remember that you can see our updated guide to the best five supplements on sale right now by checking out the link below.

Anything else to consider?

As always, you should never expect miracles from any supplement in any category.

The foundations for real change and progress are making sensible lifestyle decisions – that means sticking to a healthy diet and a solid training regime.

You should always make sure that you’re training hard, eating right, and getting plenty of rest before adding any kind of supplement to your regimen.

That said, a good supplement can help to support you on your journey when combined with the correct lifestyle choices.

Test HD review conclusion

That brings us to the very end of our Test HD review.

Overall, we think that this is a decent option.

It’s good that it’s made by a reputable brand, doesn’t use a proprietary blend, and uses some good ingredients such as Boron and Zinc.

However, we don’t quite rate it as one of the very best supplements on the market at the moment because it’s missing a handful of our favorite ingredients.


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