Thermobol Lean Definition MaxiNutrition review

This is our review of Thermobol Lean Definition made by MaxiNutrition. We take a close look at the supplement to bring you everything you need to know

thermobol reviews
Thermobol is a supplement made by MaxiNutrition Photo: The Sport Review

Thermobol is a supplement made by MaxiNutrition. It falls into the wider category of products known as ‘fat burners’.

In this review article, we’re going to take a close look at exactly what is in Thermobol Lean Definition. Thermobol is one of the most popular fat burner supplements on sale at the moment, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

We’re going to look at the ingredients and the benefits they can bring, discuss any potential side-effects and also take a look at what customers are saying.

What does Thermobol by MaxiNutrition do?

As we’ve already mentioned above, Thermobol can be considered as MaxiNutition’s main fat burner supplement.

This kinds of products are designed to contain a blend of different ingredients to help boost your body’s natural ability to burn fat.

MaxiNutrition is a popular health and fitness brand and we’re generally fans of their products. But how does Thermobol level up? Let’s take a close look at exactly what each capsule is made of.

What you need to know about the ingredients

At first glance, Thermobol has a pretty solid ingredients list.

Let’s start by taking a look at the key substances this supplement contains, before focusing on the things that are missing in our opinion.

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Green Tea Extract – This is one of the first things we look for in supplements of this type.

Each tablet of Thermobol contains 100mg of Green Tea extract, which is great to see.

Green Tea is all the rage these days because it can have a number of benefits. These include boosting your metabolism and making it easier for your body to burn fat.

It also contains small amounts of caffeine per serving, which can help to keep you energised and alert.

Cayenne Pepper Extract – This is another ingredient which we consider to be a ‘must have’ in supplements of this type.

Cayenne is a powerful thermogenic which can help you to burn fat and lose weight in two ways.

It can boost your metabolism by raising your body’s core temperature. That means that you need to burn more calories to cool down again.

Cayenne can also act as a powerful appetite suppressant, meaning that it could help you to stick to your healthy diet.

Caffeine – This is another common ingredient in supplements of this type.

Caffeine is one of the most popular natural stimulants in the world and can have a range of benefits.

The main thing caffeine brings to the table is its ability to boost energy levels and keep you focused.

Although not really directly linked with fat loss, caffeine can play a big role in reducing tiredness and fatigue, meaning working out or training could become easier.

Chromium – It’s really great to see Chromium included in this supplement.

We find that generally it’s a substance overlooked in products of this type, which is a shame as it can bring a number of benefits.

Chromium is a trace element which can help to boost you body’s natural fat burning ability in a number of different ways.

Often overlooked by other supplements, we were pleasantly surprised to see it included in Thermobol.

Bitter Orange Peel – We’re starting to see this ingredient more and more often in health and fitness supplements.

While we do like it and it has been linked with helping with weight loss, our main concern with it is that there are thought to be issues with Bitter Orange when it is combined with caffeine (as it is in this supplement).

Black Pepper Extract – As we always say, you should make sure to check that any supplement you take contains Black Pepper Extract in some form.

The great thing about Black Pepper Extract is that although directly it doesn’t have many benefits, it helps to increase the absorption of all of the other ingredients.

That means that you’ll be getting the most out of all of the other ingredients above thanks to the Black Pepper.

B Vitamins – It’s also great to see B Vitamins included in Thermobol.

Like Chromium, B Vitamins are often overlooked in supplements of this type so it’s great to see that Thermobol contains B1, B5, B7 and B12.

Some of the other ingredients in Thermobol include L-Tyrosine, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, and Guarana Seed powder.


What’s missing?

Although we’re quite impressed by the ingredient list in Thermobol, we can’t help but feel that there are quite a lot of things missing as well.

Firstly, there is no Glucomannan (a dietary fibre which can act as an appetite suppressant), which is disappointing because the best fat burner supplements usually contain it.

It was also a shame that there was no Green Coffee Extract when we checked the label, as this is another one of our favourite fat burning ingredients.

Another key thing missing in our opinion is Zinc, which is so often skipped, despite many people worldwide not getting enough in their diet.

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Are there any side effects?

It’s always good to check the label to make sure that you’re not allergic to the ingredients.

The main issue with this kind of supplement is the caffeine content. Each tablet contains 148mg per tablet, which is quite a lot in our opinion.

Because of this, we’d recommend not taking Thermobol too late in the day, because it could affect your sleep.

As mentioned about, we’ve also read about the combination of bitter orange and caffeine causing problems when mixed together.

How to take Thermobol by MaxiNutrition

Thermobol usually comes in a 90-tablet bottle. They recommend that you take up to three capsules per day, meaning that one bottle will last you around a month.

As we mentioned above, we’d definitely not recommend taking this supplement too close to bedtime because of the caffeine content.

It’s probably best not to take this any later than 4pm.

What are customers saying?

There are lots of customer reviews about Thermbol online.

One user warned that you shouldn’t take the product any later than 3pm, because it can negatively impact your sleep and keep you awake at night.

Another customer said that they were using it as a pre workout supplement and that it was working well for them.

Another purchaser said that the product helped them to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods and gave them a strong energy boost.

One user said that they only take the product on weekdays for some reason.

We also noticed that a lot of customers complained that the tablet was too big and that they had difficulty swallowing it.

Is this the best fat burner?

Not really. Although Thermobol does contains some pretty good ingredients, we can’t help but feel that there are better options on the market right now.

We recently produced a list of the five best fat burner supplements on sale at the moment. You can check it out by clicking the link below.

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Anything else to consider?

While products in this category can often sound like the ‘magic pill’ you’ve been looking for in your fitness journey, most are not.

We really recommend making sure that your diet and exercise regime is in check before considering a product of this type.

Once those two things are sorted, you can then consider adding something like Thermobol to your regimen.

Review conclusion – our final thoughts

So, is this a good fat burner option for you? Overall, There are some good and bad things about Thermobol, and here’s our view in summary:

– Good ingredients
– Reputable brand

– Missing some of our favourite substances
– Caffeine may be too much for some
– Mixed customer reviews

We recently picked out the best fat burners on sale at the moment, all of which contain the best ingredients. Check out our pick by clicking the link below.

OUR PICK: Discover the top 5 best fat burners on sale right now

So there we have it, our full review of Thermobol by MaxiNutrition. We’re impressed by this product overall, but also feel that there are definitely better options on sale right now. That being said, you’re probably not going to go to far wrong if you combine Thermobol with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

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