Top healthy foods to boost your fitness regime

Which are the best healthy foods you should be adding to your diet to boost your fitness results?

Cayenne Pepper
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Food is your body’s fuel, so good, healthy stuff will help it to perform at optimum levels.

With the right healthy foods, you can see the results of your fitness regime improve significantly. In a similar vein, eating the wrong foods regularly can have a negative impact both on your fitness and your general health. Let’s take a look at the foods that are of particular use to your body.

Protein-packed goodness

Protein is essential to the functions of your body and a protein-rich diet will boost your energy levels, support your bones and muscles and assist the absorption of nutrients – which helps to enhance another healthy food type that will be detailed later. As someone who has a fitness regime, says Dr Axe, the main benefit of including plenty of protein in your diet is muscle repair and building muscle mass. It also helps to make you feel more satisfied after a meal, which limits potential cravings for more food.

Many great dishes for incorporating more protein centre around beans, meats, and fish. Turkey and bean chilli is a great option as the kidney beans and turkey add strong levels of protein. Chicken fajitas offer a very lean source of protein through the chicken and plenty of vitamin C from red bell peppers. Or, for something a little different that’s packed with protein, try some chimichurri steak.

Spicy foods for a healthy body

According to the research by Self, Spicy foods enhance weight loss, help with heart health and lower blood pressure. For weight loss, it’s the capsaicin in chillies which causes the body to burn bonus calories after you’ve finished eating.

Cayenne Pepper

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As chillies reduce the damaging effects of bad cholesterol and capsaicin fights inflammation, spicy food is seen as a way to lower the incidence of a heart attack. The vitamins A and C in peppers strengthen the heart muscle walls and increase blood flow to lead to low blood pressure.

One cuisine boasts a plethora of spicy foods that range in their levels of heat: Indian. You can get your fix of protein and spicy foods from most Indian takeaway dishes. To promote good health, you’ll want to avoid too many creamy dishes but, as shown by Deliveroo, the fiery heat of a curry is a popular dish at Indian takeaways.

Low in calories, high in nutrients

You’ll have heard this time and time again, but incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet can do wonders for your health and boost your fitness regime. Fruits and vegetables are often very low in calories, which helps when trying to lose weight, and are filled with essential nutrients, according to Live Strong. They can help to lower the risk of heart disease, repair and fuel the body and lower blood pressure.

Whenever a super-food is hyped-up, it’s invariably a fruit or vegetable. For example, blueberries were the super-food for a long time as they are filled with phytonutrients, fibre and antioxidants.

Apples are also stuffed with antioxidants, so a fruit salad for lunch can do a world of good. One of the greatest vegetables is broccoli, teeming with calcium, fibre, phytonutrients, potassium and folate. Plus, a meal of protein-rich meat and some vegetables – such as broccoli, spinach or cabbage – can be very filling.

Incorporating spice, protein and fruit and veg into your diet on a regular basis will do a world of good to your health and the impact on your training regime will be visible.


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