Turmeric and top diet supplements: Five of the best fat burning superfoods you didn’t know about

We've done our research and picked out five fat burning superfoods you should consider adding to your regimen

Tumeric has become very popular in health supplements of late Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Us millennials are craving health and fitness like no generation before us. Armed with an increased thirst for knowledge, our improved understanding of science has transformed the way we think about losing weight.

Whilst everyone is scrambling to get in shape a new dawn of specialist sports supplements has arisen, and ‘superfoods’ such as Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper have been the driving force behind some of the most successful products on the market.

The benefits of a top diet supplement

I’m sure you know the feeling, you’ve bought the latest workout guide and thrown yourself into your new lifestyle with full commitment but like everyone else, you’re impatient and need an extra boost to speed things along.

OUR PICK: Discover the top 5 best fat burners on sale right now

That’s where a specialist fat burning supplement might help you on your quest to cut fat quicker. Now don’t let us give you the wrong idea, there’s no magic potion you can take that will instantly eradicate bad food choices and an inactive lifestyle. But if you’re looking to kick your new workout regimen into gear, then adding powerful superfood ingredients to your diet is a great way to speed up your journey.

We’re against any kind of synthetics or stimulants that grace the dark parts of the web and only pick out supplements that are safe and use the very best natural ingredients.

For those of you seeking out all-natural fat burning supplements, you can read our guide of some of the best ones here.

In this article, however, we’re going to give you a summary behind the science of superfoods and what role they can play in your fitness journey. Here are a few of the key ingredients associated with weight loss:


Known as the ‘Golden spice of life’ turmeric has been used for centuries in Asia for healing and its therapeutic benefits. But it is in the west that scientists have identified that Turmeric has weight loss benefits, too.

University researchers also found that Curcumin could effectively block fat production by lowering the cholesterol and proteins responsible for weight gain.

Recent studies have shown that Turmeric helps your body to get rid of toxic white fat cells and replace them with healthy brown fat cells, which have been proven to lower body weight.

The secret weapon in Turmeric is an ingredient called Curcumin, Curcumin is important because it encourages the production of Mitochondria, something that creates 90% of the energy your body needs to function properly and helps to improve your metabolism and prevent new fat tissue from forming.

Curcumin also promotes healthy digestion, improves liver function, and reduces blood cholesterol levels so even if you’re not looking to lose weight adding more Turmeric to your diet is well worth the effort.

Cayenne Pepper

This fiery spice is one of the most well supported ingredients when it comes to weight loss, as it is naturally high in a number of different vitamins as well as dietary fibre. The main ingredients behind Cayenne Pepper is a compound called Capsaicin, the latest research shows that Capsaicin can boost your metabolism by 20%, and for several hours after taking it.

The other thing that makes Cayenne Pepper a fundamental part of modern diet supplements is that it also has the added benefit of suppressing appetite, a recent trial of 27 people found that those who took capsaicin alongside green tea had a decreased calorie intake and an increased feeling of fullness.


Nuts are a great ally when it comes to losing weight. Not only are they a healthy snack option but they are also crammed full of nutrients that can help you shrink your waist.

Pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and pecans are some of the most effective varieties because they are naturally high in fibre. Fibre is known for it’s role in making you feel full and it’s ability to promote weight loss has been supported by numerous studies.

The other advantage of eating mixed nuts on a regular basis is the fact they contain healthy fats called monounsaturates, a study found that those who consumed them had less abdominal fat as well as a reduced tendency to store fat on their stomach. When eating nuts it’s important to mix it up and always consume them in moderation, 30-40g a day will deliver you all the goodness you need.

best 5 fat burners
We've selected the top 5 most effective fat burning supplements that are available for you right now.


Berries are superior to many other forms of fruit when it comes to burning fat – that’s because they’re low in sugar and abundant in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are fast becoming a staple of the weight loss world and many top supplements now use berry extracts to deliver you your daily dose. A recent study out of Florida showed that people who consumed a high level antioxidants weighed less than those that didn’t, and what’s more they didn’t even have eat less to achieve it.

Berries have also been linked to an improved metabolic rate, in particular, Raspberries have been shown to increase metabolism as they contain Keytones, Keytones are present in the skin of the Raspberry and work in a very similar way to Capsaicin and Cayenne Pepper.

Green Tea

No article on superfoods would be complete without a nod to this wondrous ingredient. Athletes and gym junkies have been turning to Green Tea to supplement their workouts more and more in recent times.

green tea extract

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

That’s because it’s naturally high in caffeine and consuming in advance of a workout can boost your fat burning by up to 30%.

OUR PICK: Discover the top 5 best fat burners on sale right now

Like some of the other ingredients on this list Green Tea is also high in antioxidants, however it is unique in that it contains a special type called EGCG, EGCG has been shown to positively counteract the effects of high blood sugar whilst improving fat oxidation.

Green Tea’s many benefits don’t just stop with fat burning, it also includes properties that boost immunity and ward off disease.


leanbean fat burner

Leanbean is our best new diet supplement, it was specially created for women. It’s produced in the US and UK by specialist supplements firm Ultimate Life.

We like it because it was developed purposefully for female fitness models and girls that compete at an elite level but works for anybody looking to get fit. It has all the bases covered when it comes to weight loss ingredients and includes many of the superfoods on this list.

One thing to be aware of is that leading supplements like this always contain caffeine so light sleepers might want to take it earlier on in the day. The other small drawback is that the product isn’t available through retailers or on Amazon, you can only find it on the official website.

For more information and to buy visit: http://www.leanbeanofficial.com

Anything else I should know?

Natural fat burning supplements are exactly that: supplements. If you want to see good results, you’ll need to make sure you maintain your discipline when it comes lifestyle.

If you do try a fat burner then make sure to follow the dosing instructions on the bottle carefully, and always look out for one that’s completely natural.

So there it is, a breakdown of some of the most effective superfood ingredients around and how they can work to burn stubborn fat.

And if the idea of natural weight loss products is totally new to you, hopefully this article will give you a clearer picture of what goes into some of them, and allow you to make a more educated decision when it comes to choosing one that’s right for you.

best 5 fat burners
We've selected the top 5 most effective fat burning supplements that are available for you right now.

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