Vintage Burn – Reviews, Ingredients and Price

Vintage Burn is a supplement made by Old School Labs which uses plant extracts and stimulants in its formula

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Vintage Burn Review - Old School Labs

Vintage Burn is a supplement made by Old School labs which has been formulated to help support you on your health and fitness journey.

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It’s one of the more popular supplements out there in this category, and at the time of writing it had more than 10,000 customer ratings on

Vintage Burn fits into the broader range of supplements commonly referred to as so called ‘fat burners’. Before we go any further, we want to make a couple of points when it comes to the supplements in this popular category.

So-called ‘fat burner’ supplements are generally not proven to ‘burn’ fat on their own.

Rather, they can provide a range of ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, stimulants and plant extracts, each of which may (or may not) bring some benefits and support on your health and fitness journey.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as medical advice. The content of our articles is not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of health problems. It’s always best to speak with your doctor or a certified medical professional before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet or exercise routine, or trying a new supplement.

The purpose of this article is for us to take a detailed look at the Vintage Burn supplement. We’re going to be paying particularly close attention to the facts such as the ingredients formula, the doses, the directions and the price.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s start taking a closer look at Vintage Burn in a bit more detail.

Vintage Burn By Old School Labs – The Basics

As we have already mentioned above, Vintage Burn is a so-called ‘fat burner’ supplement that’s designed to help provide some support on your health and fitness journey.

Old School Labs are the brand behind the product, and they also sell a number of supplements in other categories including protein powders and pre workout supplements.

The Old School Labs range of supplements are made with “premium” ingredients. On their official website, they say that their mission is to bring back the classic physique “with supplements that make sense”.

According to the official Old School Labs website, they have sold more than one million bottles of their products since they launched.

Vintage Burn is available to buy on in the US, where it has more than 10,000 reviews at the time of writing.

The product page on says that this supplement has been formulated “exclusively with premium ingredients” to help support you on your health and fitness journey.

The listing goes on to say that all Old School Labs supplements are proudly formulated in California, and made in the USA.

The product page on also explains that Vintage Burn only contains “premium ingredients hand-selected for their purity and potency”. The product page also features a number of photos of the supplement bottle, along with all of the facts you need to know about it.

So, now that we have covered some of the basic things you need to know about Vintage Burn, it’s time to take a closer look at the ingredients formula this supplement uses.

The Ingredients

Let’s start off by looking at the actual ingredients formula of Vintage Burn. This supplement facts label was shown on at the time of writing.

It’s important that you carefully check the label of any product you purchase, as the ingredients formula, directions and warnings can change from time to time.

The Vintage Burn ingredients formula, shown on at the time of writing.

The Vintage Burn ingredients formula, shown on at the time of writing.

As you can no doubt see for yourself, Vintage Burn uses a clear and straightforward ingredients formula.

In total, Vintage Burn uses nine active ingredients, ranging from plant extracts to stimulants.

One of the main ingredients in the Vintage Burn formula is Caffeine. Caffeine really needs no introduction as it’s one of the most widely-consumed stimulants on the planet.

Each two capsules of Vintage Burn contain 150mg of Caffeine (which is 75mg of Caffeine per capsule).

To put this dose into context, you’d expect to find around 100mg of Caffeine in a regular cup of Coffee.

One of the other main ingredients in the Vintage Burn formula is Green Tea Extract. This is a very popular inclusion for supplements in this category and it has some promising research behind it.

Vintage Burn also contains Green Coffee Bean Extract. This is another popular supplement ingredient that is known for being rich in Chlorogenic Acids.

Some of the other herbal / plant extract ingredients in the Vintage Burn formula are Raspberry Ketones, Olive Leaf Extract, Bacopa Leaf Extract, Garcinia Fruit Extract and Forskohlii Root Extract.

It’s also worth pointing out at this stage that Old School Labs have chosen not to use a proprietary blend for this supplement.

This means that customers are transparently told the exact doses of every ingredient on the label. This is good, as it means that you’ll know exactly what is contained inside each capsule you’re taking.

Price and Where To Buy

You can buy Vintage Burn on in the US, and it’s also available to order from the official Old School Labs website.

At the time of writing, one bottle of Vintage Burn containing 120 capsules costs $49.99 from

It’s worth noting that the prices can change from time to time, so it’s always best to do some of your own research in terms of where the supplement is for sale.

How To Take It

It’s always important that you carefully check the label for the full directions and warnings that come with any supplement you purchase, as they can change from time to time.

At the time of writing, the listing featured some suggested use directions for Vintage Burn.

They said that as a dietary supplement, healthy men and women may take one capsule twice a day with meals for three days to assess tolerance.

After that, the directions suggest that you may continue with two capsules, twice a day with meals.

If you are sensitive to stimulants such as Caffeine, then it may be better to avoid using Vintage Burn.

Similarly, because of the Caffeine content in this supplement, it is probably best not to consume Vintage Burn within six hours of going to sleep.

Side Effects

As always, you should speak to your doctor before taking a new supplement or making any major lifestyle changes.

As with most dietary supplements, Vintage Burn may contain some ingredients that could cause some potential unwanted side effects.

There are a number warnings shown on the listing at the time of writing.

They say that you should avoid taking this supplement on an empty stomach or less than four hours before bedtime, and that you must not exceed the recommended dosage.

It also says that if you experience discomfort, discontinue use and contact the manufacturer for a full refund.

The listing says that you should consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition before using this supplement.

It also reminds you that this supplement Contains caffeine – and that too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and, occasionally, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, jitteriness, nausea, and stomach pain.

As we mentioned above, be sure to read the entire label of any supplement you purchase to ensure that you’re aware of all of the directions, ingredients and warnings.

Vintage Burn Reviews

As we mentioned above, Vintage Burn has a huge number of reviews on Amazon.

At the time of writing, Vintage Burn had an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 10,035 reviews on Amazon.

One happy customer left a five-star review and said that they were in the “best shape of my life”, saying that “this stuff works”.

Another review came from somebody who left a five-star rating and said that overall the supplement was “great” and said that it “works”.

One of the more negative reviews came from a customer who left a two-star rating and said that they ended up being “disappointed” by the supplement.

Pros and Cons

Let’s now weigh up some of the pros and cons when it comes to Vintage Burn by Old School Labs.

• Uses Caffeine, Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean Extracts
• Popular product with strong reviews
• Vegetarian friendly

• Does not use any Vitamins or Minerals as active ingredients
• A little bit on the pricey side

Anything Else To Consider?

As we mentioned above, you should speak to your doctor before taking a new supplement.

Dietary supplements are not intended to replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy overall lifestyle.

It’s always best to ensure that you’re sticking to a good diet, a sensible workout plan and getting enough of restorative sleep before thinking of trying a new supplement.

Dietary supplements can be useful tools on your health and fitness journey, but it’s best not regard them as ‘magic pills’ that will work without any effort on your part.

Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

So, that brings us to the end of our detailed look at Vintage Burn by Old School Labs.

We’ve walked you through the key things you need to know about this particular supplement, including the ingredients, the directions and the price.

The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis.

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