Why Gran Canaria should be your No1 Spa destination this summer

The Sport Review delves into the world of health and wellness at some luxurious resorts in Gran Canaria

The stunning view from Sheraton Salobre's sunset terrace Photo: Gran Canaria Wellness

With the summer fast approaching, Gran Canaria is the perfect holiday destination for those looking to escape their stress-filled work lives and relax with spa treatments and sunshine.

With temperatures rarely dipping below 24ºC, The Sport Review waved goodbye to the depressing British weather ahead of a week of rest and recuperation at some of the island’s top spas.

Gran Canaria has a rich tradition of health and wellness treatments which dates back to the 17th century. It is recognised as one of the most beneficial natural surroundings for the treatment of chronic diseases, or simply to recover vital energies thanks to a perfect combination of mild temperature, mineral-rich water and privileged golden sand beaches.

Of course, The Sport Review wasn’t on holiday, so here is our review after a relaxing week of spa treatments courtesy of Gran Canaria Wellness.

Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa ****

Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa’s Spa Inagua Photo: Gran Canaria Wellness

Located in Puerto de Morgan a local fishing village Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa is only a few meters from the beach. The large hotel has been built in the style of a typical Canarian village and boast a staggering total of 487 rooms, including 399 double rooms, 33 singles, five senior suites and 50 junior suites. The hotel has five restaurants, including the highly-rated gourmet establishment, Los Guayres.

Spa: The ‘Spa Inagua’ has both indoor and outdoor facilities, located at the heart of the hotel’s set-up. The facilities include a bubble bed, three-point diagonal massage, Jacuzzi hydro massag, Waterfal, Swans nec and Cold water pool, as well as a number of sun loungers outside for those looking to soak up the rays. The Spa has five heated interior massage rooms.

Review: The friendly staff quickly made us feel at home upon arrival despite the pain of an early-morning flight to Gran Canaria. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped, and the pool area is quiet and comfortable. The many botanical plants add to the authentic feel, and with a host of other facilities including tennis courts and games rooms, there is plenty to keep guests of all ages entertained.

Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso and Hotel ****

The spectacular Thalasso Gloria Palace Amadores centre Photo: Gran Canaria Wellness

Located on a cliff top in between the beaches of Puerto Rico and Amadores, Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso and Hotel offers stunning views of the ocean from all parts of the establishment. The hotel boast two fresh water swimming pools and one children’s pool. A trip in the panoramic lift up to the top floor of the hotel is a must for all visitors for some additional spectacular views. Built in 2004, the hotel boasts 364 double rooms, 21 family rooms and seven suites.

Spa: The spectacular Thalasso Gloria Palace Amadores centre was opened in 2003. Boasting stunning views of the ocean, its facilities incude a dynamic pool, gym pool and the ‘Get in Shape’ pool – a circuit in seawater heated to different temperatures (33ºC/37ºC), with 29 hydro massage points. The centre specialises in treatments for rheumatic conditions, post-traumatic disorders and stress-related problems such as fatigue, anxiety and weight loss.

Review: It is worth visiting the hotel just for its stunning ocean views, which on a clear day, include the island of Tenerife in the distance. We were treated to the hugely relaxing ‘Get in Shape’ pool circuit at the Spa. The sheer number of different hydro massage points means that there is not a body part you cannot target. We then enjoyed a minute hot algae massage, which left us totally relaxed and our skin feeling completely rejuvenated.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre *****

In an elegant atmosphere, intimate and warm, that aims to merge a high level of comfort with the natural energy of Gran Canaria, the Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort & Spa is filled with luxury and charm. The 313 rooms are surrounded by impressive mountains with incredible views on the Salobre Golf courses (36 holes).

Spa: In Aloe Spa you’ll find a haven for the five senses. A place where you can relax and embellish yourself with the newest beauty treatments and latest technology. Beauty and wellness come together to achieve the perfect tandem. There are beautiful views while relaxing in the outdoor spa circuit which provides a unique experience.

Review: The Sheraton Salobre was easily the most luxurious location of The Sport Review’s four-day wellness retreat. Situated in the mountains of Gran Canaria, you are met with breathtaking views before you step inside the hotel. The Aloe Spa was the perfect escape from the stresses of life with a gorgeous water circuit. From the comfort of the infinity pool you are treated to some stunning views of the golf course, which is chiselled into the hills and the Maspalomas sand dunes.You can finish the day sipping cocktails at the sunset terrace, which even manages to outdo the Aloe Vera spa with some absolutely breath-taking views of Gran Canaria’s terrain and coastline.

Gloria Palace San Agustin Thalasso and Hotel ****

The Get in Shape pool at Gloria Palace San Agustin Thalasso and Hotel Photo: Gran Canaria Wellness

The Thalasso Gloria Palace San Agustín centre was opened in 1998. Equipped with the latest technological advances, it is one of the world’s most modern centres, with more than 7000 m² given over to relaxation and comfort. This extensive area is entirely involved in health, with a total of four seawater pools, including the dynamic pool, gym pool and the large “Get in Shape” pool.

Spa: This was the first large installation to open in the island of Gran Canaria specifically to provide services using seawater. It went on to become the largest thalassotherapy centre not only in the Island but also in Europe. The treatments provided at the centre are for rheumatic conditions, post-traumatic conditions and stress-related problems such as nervous fatigue, anxiety and weight loss, as well as cellulite. In addition to the large “Get in Shape” pool – one of the centre’s main attractions – Thalasso Gloria Palace San Agustín is equipped with a sauna, a large gym with modern therapeutic and sports facilities, a beauty salon, 35 cubicles for individual treatments and large relaxation areas.

Review: The Gloria Palace San Agustin Thalasso and Hotel was the oldest of three Gloria Palace Thalasso hotels on the island. The Get in Shape pool failed to match the incredibly high standards set by Sheraton Salobre. However, the San Agustin Thalasso treatments were exceptional and undoubtedly the best of the week. The body exfoliation with ginger and sea salts massage was invigorating and soothing. We ended our wellness break in Gran Canaria with a full body massage, which banished any areas of tension from our bodies ahead of our return to England.

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